Sunday, September 6, 2009

Day 5

Banana Muffin: All the muffins have been good. This is probably my least favorite of the muffins so far, but still good! I'll order again

Oven Roasted Chicken and Black Bean Salad: WHOA! This was really spicy! I took one bite and just couldn't anymore. I hate spicy food. I figured it would be, It's not something I would have ordered in the first place, and I am not really sure how I missed changing this. Note: I threw this out, and had a Lean Cuisine tv dinner that still had low enough calories, so I didn't have to cheat. I will never order again!

Lemon Herb Chicken with Wild Rice and Broccoli: Really good! Although the chicken had a lot of pepper, so I had to use salt to tame the taste some. Still really good though! I will order again

Nonni's Biscotti: The only only other time I have ever had a biscotti was when I tried Nutrisystem. Let me tell you, it had caused me to never ever want a biscotti ever again! It was so hard I couldn't eat it. So when I received this one from ediets, I thought for sure I was going to hate it. The first thing I did when I got it, was pinch it to see how hard it was. I was happy to find that it broke apart really easily (that's why it is broken in the picture). So I tried it and was really surprised at how soft and chewy it was. So much like a cookie. Really... I had no idea that biscotti's were meant to be GOOD.

DAY FIVE: Success!

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