Monday, September 7, 2009

Day 6

Day 6: Success.... kinda

Since I am doing the 5 day plan on the ediets Fresh Meal Delivery program, today was my first day off. I was somewhat prepared for the first day on my own, but then I ended up being out of town, and on the road most of the day... I was stuck trying to make good choices at gas stations and fast food places... not an easy task on your first day on your own!

I had one serving of bran cereal for breakfast, I had some cashews from the gas station, I had subway for lunch, I made it home in time for a healthy choice tv dinner. Then I had a serving of fruit for a snack.

All in all, not bad choices. Nothing that will set me back. My only oops was that I accidently counted the calories on the cashews wrong. I made a mistake thinking that one bag of cashews was only one serving, when actually it was 4. yikes! But dang, the bag was tiny! It LOOKED like only 1 serving.

BUT, not bad. I'll get better. :)

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